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by all accounts it doesn't make sense

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24th May 2006

7:30pm: i miss school
I'm sitting here waiting for my sister to return so I can escape the equestrian team gathering of high schoolers and their crazy parents downstairs.   Anyways. not much to say really, listening to Sufjan right now, GOING TO SEE HIM THIS WEEKEND fuck yeah SASQUATCH!

even if it is raining and thunderstorming, it will be an adventure and lots of good music.

so grades for this semester:
Physics: C+, damn you evil science of the devil, i hate you.
Ochem: B, fuck yeah, I was so happy with this grade, you have no idea, if nothing else that class taught me what "a lot of work" for a class really is.
Both history classes: A-, i can live with that
Spanish: A, woo for not having to take the final.

so yeah, I declare I will get no more C's, now that ochem and physics are out of the way that shouldn't be a problem...hopefully

oh yes, and next semester I'll be in LONDON!!!!!!! yay!  I might starve due to lack of funds and lack of cooking ability but I'm thoroughly excited nonetheless, if any one wants to come to London for whatever reaseon you are welcome to come sleep on my floor.

25th April 2006

1:11pm: i never want to be your friend the abject failure
end of the semester panic setting in right about...now.

tomorrow: last ochem midterm, if i don't do better on this than the last one i will shoot myself.
Spanish test which studying for will not happen until after ochem test.
Possibly presenting in historical film, professor is being a bit of a bastard.

Rest of the year:
Ochem Final, will destroy my soul
Physics Final, will finish me off if ochem doesn't do the job
Spanish final, probably won't even be able to formulate sentences in english at that point
15-20 page research paper due next friday. pages written: 0


still waiting to hear from UCL, how long does it take?, honestly.
Sister is graduating on the 14th, scary, then the drive home

This summer?
Microbio at PSU, shadowing vets hopefully, need a job, need to get a passport, working with my baby horse and bring impy back under saddle :) SASQUATCH! and you know hopefully hanging out with ppl too.

3rd April 2006

5:48pm: my mind is numb
something about the class average being 65% for a test is just not right.

oh well

I must say, last weekend = best 3 day weekend ever.

Grand Canyon was highly cool, Needles was confusing, Las Vegas is intense, Kelly's family was awesome, the Mad Greek was extremely tasty, world's largest thermometer was somewhat lacking, traffic sucks, but overall a very good time.

some Grand Canyon pictures: http://www.photosite.com/linnny522/GrandCanyon/

29th March 2006

6:30pm: props to Cesar Chavez
the only holdiay we get off, Cesar Chavez day this Friday, booya, mmmm like my only 4day week of this semester. and we are taking advantage of it to go to the GRAND CANYON! oh holy crap I'm so excited, it's going to be cold but we can handle it, like 10 or 11 of us are headed out Friday morning. yesssssss.

In other news...I need the help of those of you who watch lots of movies

So for my historical film class our final project thing is to write a film proposal, part of that proposal is comparing your proposed film to ones that have already been done. My proposal is for an "independent, artsy" kind of film about the Manhattan Project, more specifically about the designing, building, and testing of the bomb in Los Alamos with my main character being Dr. Richard Feynman. I plan on watching "Dr. Strangeglove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" though I don't think it'll be all that similar. Anyways, one film should have similar content and one should be a similar style. I don't really know what to do so if anyone has suggestions that'd be awesome.

Including this week, 6 weeks of school left + finals week. I can't wait to be done with physics. I need to find a job for the summer.

13th March 2006

11:14pm: indeed
i have now joined the ranks of the wisdom teethless people. sat and watched tv and movies all day holding bags of ice on my face. goooood times. i don't remember anything between the time of the shot and being back at home swallowing pills w/yogurt. got a fair amount of work i should do so hopefuly the recovery is speedy.

12th February 2006

6:39pm: i don't know about you, i think they wrote some nice songs

so much library

but, i got a nice spot by a window

some weird girl came and sat at my table, ok she wasn't that weird, the fact that i don't know her and she came and sat at my table was weird.

so far this ochem studying has yet to destroy me.

we shall see about that in a few hours

(edit: it is 1:01am, i spent nearly 12 hours in the library today, and am i done yet?, noooope) oddly though, not super angry or tired, yet

this makes me so happy. http://www.patv.tv/Songy.mov

maybe you don't know as much about lizards as i do, but that lizard's curiosity was PIQUED!

1st February 2006

1:30pm: Tennessee...


if at all possible we are going to Tennessee.

if not, may settle for this: http://www.coachella.com/

which is of course much closer, like a couple hours from school, but much less amazing, and how cool would a cross-country road trip be? oh so very cool indeed.

15th January 2006

10:58pm: and so it starts
I am le tired. poor tubby had to deal with a lot on the drive back and now desperately needs to be cleaned.

I'm actually pretty excited for my history classes, and spanish will be nifty b/c i really like the professor, must try and review some of it tomorrow so i don't look like a blundering fool on tuesday. then there's ochem and physics, gonna try going to both poon and mills lectures for o-chem, oi, that means starting at 8am MWF, and o-chem back to back, we'll see how that works out...

winter break was good for the most part but i'm ready to start classes again, and Lauren's horse will probably come down sometime in February, wooooo! aaaaaaaaand, going to hawaii on thursday, yesssss, i'm excited for that.

have a wonderful semester/term everyone

18th December 2005

3:24pm: booya
yay snow!

got home at about 5:30 this morning, the drive wasn't too bad, lots of misty rain in california, stupid state is too damn long, but didn't encounter any ice or snow.

wanted to go see my horsies but now i'm kinda stuck, oh well, the snow is purdy.

oh, and i didn't fail my o-chem final, close, but not, so yippie for that :)

mmmmmm a whole month with no school work, yesssssssss

13th December 2005

12:03pm: killlll
my inability to do physics problems correctly (i'm very good at doing them the wrong way) has been confirmed.

grades will be interesting, definately expecting a C in physics and possibly in o-chem, first time for everything right?

at least i'm done with finals,yaaaay. i'm going to sleep and basically lounge around for the next few days and taunt those who still have finals. my sister and i are driving back, yay 15 hour drives. must buy chains for tubby and learn how to put them on, heh.

can't wait to be back in oregon
Current Mood: indifferent

6th December 2005

3:48pm: hahaha
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In January I put gum in samuraiseisei's hair (-12 points). In September I had a shoot-out with rival gang lords on the 5 near LA (-76 points). In November I pushed dancingirl85 in the mud (-17 points). In February I saved a busload of nuns in Angola (326 points). Last Friday I bought porn for pheather (-10 points).

Overall, I've been nice (211 points). For Christmas I deserve a pony!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

too bad I do have shoot-outs with rival gang lords on the 5 (which is what the bastard Californians call I-5, and they call it the Golden State Freeway, those assholes, it goes all the way to Canada)

ha, I already have a pony!

1st December 2005

9:53am: because I know you all find this fascinating
El horario del proximo semestre

MWF: 9-9:50, O-chem again! oh joy! I'm so excited!
MWF: 10-10:50, another smester of physics! yesss! could life get any better, i think not!
MTWR: 11-11:50 Espanol
TR: 1:15-2:30 Paris, Berlin, & London in the 1920's
W: 7-9:50 The Historical Film

and ideally, o-chem lab monday night and physics lab wednesday afternoon.

my sister might bring her horse down next semester and that would make me incredibly happy.

Good Luck with finals everyone

23rd November 2005

7:26am: holy crap it is so early and so cold
I got up at 6:30 so I could take my little sister to school, I told her to say hi to Mr. Moore for me...she better do it.

It is cold here, but at least the cold smells good, it gets cold at night at school but it has been about 80 degrees for the past two weeks, a bit of difference eh?

mmmmm so excited to be home, gonna do who knows what for a few hours and then go see my horsies! and then see friends, yay!

I miss you claremontians (though JP i shall see on Friday probably)

Chev, you better have your naked Jurassic Park viewing or I will be disapointed.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving

20th November 2005

3:01am: squaoctopus?
O-chem drove me and JP to start drinking at like 11:45, oi, fyi, too late to start if you want to get to sleep early. spent so much time on ochem today it was ridiculous. i feel that as a college student i should have at least one drunken entry, so this is it for now. yay. still drunkish.

drinking some water and then passing out in my awesomely comfortable bed. yesssssss. home tuesday night, wooooo! can't wait to see Oregon and my horsies again.

10th November 2005

12:13am: Special Instructions
"Bromine is a fuming liquid with suffocating, irritating vapors. It causes severe irritation to the skin, and its vapors are extremely irritating to the respiratory tract. Hydrobromic acid is highly corrosive and can cause skin or eye irritation. Aniline is highly toxic."

uuunnnnhhh, yesssss, I can't wait to go to o-chem lab!

2nd November 2005

8:38pm: mars is laughing at us...
my roommate is sleeping, a few minutes ago she said WHAT? really loudly in her sleep. Who's the creepy one now chev? haha.

Halloween was pretty fun, as in the weekend, actual Halloween wasn't all that great because it consisted of o-chem lab, though our prof did dress up which was awesome, and afterwards JP and I cast work aside and watched school of rock. that was nifty. But on saturday JP and I went to the King Tut exhibit, which was cool but not as fascinating as I thought it would be, they don't have the mask there, but it was interesting in the way that most museum exhibits are interesting. we couldn't take pics of that but we checked out some of the other stuff, including some really ridiculous modern art like two black rectangles on a white canvas and a red plank leaning against the wall.

I'll tell you what's not so nifty: o-chem and physics and their determination to make me feel really stupid and drag down my GPA and jeopardize my chances of going abroad to the place I want to. It sucks when you are a bio major and you can't even take bio classes. rar. i think i'm on the edge of going insane.

I'm too lazy to post pictures here but you can see some here: http://linnny522.photosite.com/


...and some huge meteor is like, well fuck that

23rd October 2005

6:29pm: question for you
what should i be for halloween?

21st October 2005

11:21am: i keep forgetting it's almost halloween
pez candy is the shit

10th October 2005

3:05pm: FREE concerts, yes very yes
Last night Chev and I went to the Green Day concert for free, granted we were more interested in seeing Jimmy Eat World who opened for them but green day put on a very cool show, we were happy, and we saw a bit of flogging molly who also opened and they are crazy and very irish and so that was quite entertaining as well. And today we have signed up to hopefully go to the Death Cab concert in november for free, booya.

So for you people in Oregon that are Death Cab fans and want to see them for free, they are playing november 16th and 17th, and you should sign up to volunteer for music for america here: http://www.musicforamerica.org/event/local/OR

basically you set-up the table and then try and get people to register to vote, a lot of the time you won't get very many, but hey, very little work + free concert=awesome.

5th October 2005

1:10am: hehe D.I. Boy
I'm thinking about doing this next summer:

I think it would be awesome.

3rd October 2005

12:50am: my life in brief b/c i'm too lazy to write it all out
life is going alright so far. the past month has consisted of some of these things...
-watching star wars: the empire strikes back, still need to see return of the jedi
-non-ted leo concert
-late night swimming at santa monica beach
-decemberists concert
-CAMPING at joshua tree national park during the full moon
-foam party
-lots of alcohol in my room
-too much o-chem
-o-chem modeling sets
-crazy feminist core professor
-really hot weather, it was over 100 a couple days ago
-target trips
-"mentoring" my freshmen
-sketchy man with a backpack who was way too old to be at a college party, uhhh creepy
-getting a salted olive thing thrown at me
-breaking west's hammock
-the iceman, turbo, and just josh
-trip to anaheim to pick up my printer at the Fry's there

coming up:
-more o-chem
-hair dye
-Jimmy Eat World/Green Day concert which me and chev are going to for free as MFA volunteers
-HOME FOR FALL BREAK OCT 14th -18th hells yes.

21st September 2005

1:05pm: my mom called yesterday and said they had to have Bridgette put down.  Apparently she was bleeding a lot the night before and when they took her to the vet they said it was probably a tumor/tumors and the only other option would be to operate and do chemo and stuff and Bridgette was just too old to put her through any of that.  We had her for somewhere around 16 years. bye bye BridgyCollapse )

15th September 2005

11:49pm: dooooooooo it

Be part of the Un-Popped Collar movement.

Facebook Group Description:
If you're sane, you're sick of all these kids who think they're cool based on how high they can pop their collars. It's just not natural. The collar has no desire to be popped, and we have no desire to witness its poppage. There's nothing cool about a person's collar above their ears, but the poppers think they're so high and mighty just because their collars have reached new levels of verticality. It's time to pop their bubbles of disilussionment, friends.

Join the anti-popping movement by INVERTING your collars in a sign of solidarity.


Bud Light's Real Men of Genius:
Today we salute you, Mr. Constant Collar Putter Upper. You, bedecked in popped collar, teach us that we no longer have to live with a cold, back of the neck. Sure, your pink alligator polo may look feminine to some, but not the 17 other frat guys wearing the same thing at the bar. Where others may see thoughtless fashion conformity, you preach a higher gospel. You preach of a world where it is okay for a man to go tanning. You ask "why can't we wear makeup, and use shampoo with lavender essence?" So crack open a fresh bottle of candy cologne, Mr. Abercrombie (or is it Fitch?), because we all know, when we really need a piece of gum, you might have one...in your man purse.

and an article "Fashion statement more than just a college trend"

so yeah, please don't pop your collars

Current Mood: i should sleep

9th September 2005

11:27am: silly telemarketers
soon those obnoxious telemarketers will get a hold of people's cell phone numbers. so if you don't want them to call you then call the DO NOT CALL number to register your phone.

phone: 888/382-1222. It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It only take a minute and it blocks your number for five (5) years. You must call from the number you wished to be blocked.

yay for that. booo telemarketers, i wonder if they hate their jobs as much as other people hate them.

5th September 2005

10:30pm: i got chemicals squirted onto my arm
oh joy, tonight was the 1st o-chem lab, 6-10 and yes of course it went all 4 hours. tomorrow night is physics lab, from 6:30-9:30. Monday's and Tuesday's are really not going to be happy days for me.

stupid science that is not biology, honestly why the need for physics, WHY?

uhhhh o-chem is bad. physics is worse. i hope my arm doesn't turn funny colors or randomly begin to burn painfully...
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